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Cantonese/Jyutping Toddler Flashcards - Animals

Cantonese/Jyutping Toddler Flashcards - Animals

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Designed by @bilingual.baobao

Available in both Cantonese and Mandarin versions! Click here to view the whole collection.

We’re delighted to collaborate with @bilingual.baobao, a qualified teacher of foreign languages for both Chinese and English and dedicated mum to BaoBao, who has designed these amazing flashcards in collaboration with Ickle Bao!

These flashcards are a first step for little ones to develop their vocabulary in the target language. Helpful Jyutping romanisations, large print traditional Chinese characters and clear English alongside beautiful illustrations bring these animals to life to broaden your child’s learning horizons.

A native English speaking Brit who spent over 10 years living in China, a fluent Mandarin speaker who often gets mistaken for a native-speaker, and someone’s who’s mother language is Cantonese @bilingual.baobao is perfectly placed to know the trials and tribulations of trying to bring up a child who is comfortable speaking a language that is not in their immediate environment. Follow her account on Instagram to get free DIY hacks, tips and suggestions for raising a bi- or tri-lingual child.


20 x 350GSM Matt laminated double-sided cards with rounded corners, including “Example Sentences” card and Activity Guide.

Canvas draw string bag

Designed, printed and produced in the UK – inspired by China.

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